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Be at the Center of it All


Cabana Club Rv Resort and Cottages / Camp Margaritaville

The Challenge

Rebrand. It can be a scary necessity. For Cabana Club, it was exactly what was needed. Unsatisfied with the direction of its previous marketing company and no branding three months prior to launch, the challenge to give this RV and cabin resort an identity that would leave a lasting impression was accepted.

From branding to search to print, this from-scratch transition and execution were completed in time for their grand opening and debut at The Tampa RV Show.









The mission: Give life, originality, and personality to Cabana Club. With playful yet sophisticated logo options, they chose one that was bold and eye-catching with a hospitable, family-friendly appeal, while illustrative of their tropical vacation resort. The ability to utilize the branding across different mediums and scale it to whatever was needed brought character to the resort and became the essence of what was Cabana Club. Even something as simple as a special blend by a local coffee haunt featuring the new logo added a welcoming appeal for resort guests.

The words used the most in conversations were “fun” and “family,” so it was imperative to capture that spirit throughout the copy. Cabana Club’s voice was fun, adventurous, and casual with a carefree yet welcoming tone to entice its guests to sit back and relax or seek the thrills and entertainment offered in Central Florida. The tagline ‘Be At The Center of It All’ encompassed the benefits of vacationing at Cabana Club – their location and their amenities. Being near all the popular Florida theme parks, professional sports organizations, and other outdoor activities, while offering family-friendly entertainment onsite, puts the resort at the heart of what makes Florida a favorite family vacation destination.

Logo – check. Voice and tone – check. Cabana Club was well on its way to being Central Florida’s most popular RV and cabin hotspot.


With a shift in how people vacationed due to the pandemic, Cabana Club’s ideal market was no longer just retirees but extended to families and younger couples purchasing RVs and looking to get away. Cabana Club’s atmosphere appealed to the new multi-generational clientele – now it just needed bookings. The strategy was to make them a recognizable RV resort in a flooded market – and fast – cue the social, search, geofencing, and targeted campaigns to get Cabana Club on their minds. Consistency in branding made that possible and the bookings commenced.

Web Design/Developement

Cabana Club’s greatest website asset was its consistency in communicating its identity through copy and visuals and its ease of use. Users gravitated to the RV and amenities pages, highlighting Cabana Club’s most inviting accommodations through images, video, and copy, all of which cohesively led them to strategically placed CTAs. Ultimately, the website was built to house a robust Search strategy, but also prepared guests for the equally exciting adventure they were about to take.



How do you make an RV resort stand out against a sea of competition? Capture effectual video and photography that captivates the audience and draws them into their next getaway. As Cabana Club evolved, multiple shoots were needed to reflect the lifestyle and growing popularity of the resort. These vibrant images were used across multiple mediums to create consistency between the website, social media, and ads.

Website and Social Promo Video


With RVing becoming a new favorite pastime, we wanted to attract those newfound adventurers through social media. Targeted ads gathered almost 50,000 clicks and featured engaging videos and photos to showcase the brand and promote campaigns such as holidays, summer promos, and midweek getaways to create brand awareness across the southeast and get people excited about Cabana Club. The hype caught on and followers and influencers across the country made Cabana Club an essential vacation destination.


From engaging copy to lively graphics, emails established a consistent flow of communication for new and existing audiences. Each email guided viewers to interact and engage through promo code offerings and CTAs to seek more through landing pages. The goal was to bring Cabana Club to the audience, so upon opening, they would begin experiencing what it’s like being at the center of it all.

The Result

A team of creatives to establish a cohesive and captivating identity that invites the audience to become a part of something new and exciting. By offering an engaging and cohesive online experience, the challenge of getting this RV and cabin resort on the map was a success and the client’s expectations were exceeded. The next challenge was helping them transition into the Camp Margaritaville family in early 2022.