Custom Renovations Meet Brand-Centric Design


Crews Bank & Trust

The Challenge

It’s one thing to rebrand a family of banks in the digital space, but how do you ensure every location captures that rebranding in its environmental design? When each bank has unique elements and a local history customers care about, redesigning multiple locations on multiple timelines becomes  a major job. To nail the full scope of this rebranding, we needed to guarantee the physical design of each location coincided with our overall marketing efforts for Crews Bank & Trust.

Large-scale renovations demand a large-scale strategy. Coming through for our client hinged on successfully navigating compliance regulations and a complex network of decision-makers.  By telling the story of each bank in a way that honored its heritage and engaged the local market, we set out to prove that universal appeal is rooted in the specific. A comprehensive plan that could be implemented across Florida demanded that we develop a compelling new art direction—and then execute it.

Strategy & Planning

Environmental Design

Strategy & Planning

To assess the specific needs of each location and streamline the execution phase, we kicked off our strategy with thorough inspections involving all stakeholders. Leveraging our strong vendor relationships, we orchestrated a cohesive plan that kept the unique requirements of the individual banks at the forefront. 

Thanks to experience working on national commercial projects, our renovation team tackled the facility renovations with an efficiency that did not disturb the effortless banking experience customers expected… even in the wake of a hurricane. Coordinating overnight work and managing vendor schedules was central to making the renovation process smooth for our client.

Environmental Design

We never offer “cookie-cutter” solutions, and we made no exceptions even for a project this substantial. Our redesign of over ten locations prioritized the spatial functionality and aesthetic appeal of each location. 

Photography that showcased the bank’s local history in a fresh format was a central design feature. But our renovations didn’t stop there. We installed flooring, in-branch TV displays, and interior wall wraps. New interior signage was critical to the rebranding. Before redesigning and wrapping the exterior ATMs, each structure had to be sanded down and revitalized to give it greater longevity. Because these ATMs differed in size and type, we designed each individually.

Every detail of the environmental redesign was curated. Extensive interior and exterior painting. Custom feature walls. Brand-centric art that gave the banks an updated but cohesive look. The finished product? A bespoke atmosphere that still reflected the brand unification of Crews Bank & Trust.

The Result

As a family-owned bank in business for more than 90 years, Crews Bank & Trust needed a physical presence that matched the message of their updated brand identity— “Yes, we’ve got a modern look, but we’re still your trusted hometown bank.” Thanks to our custom renovations, we successfully revitalized each location while preserving its particular character, heritage, and commitment to the local community. Planning and executing both the physical and digital aspects of this brand unification strategically positioned Crews Bank & Trust for ongoing success and future growth.