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LCS Viking Football


Lakeland Christian School


The Challenge

What draws people into a sporting event? Is the competition enough? Or is fanaticism created by all the nuances of the experience- the lights, the sounds, the graphics? For the LCS Football Program, we were tasked to build the hype of the crowd and elevate the fan experience. The challenge was to merge complicated layers and bring cohesion to the already existing brand with new videography and graphics while appealing to a diverse crowd to draw them into the anticipation of the game.

Mission accomplished. We tackled this challenge of enhancing the brand while exceeding the expectations of our client. They loved it.





The LCS Football Program continues to grow in popularity and garner statewide attention with its success. To enhance their already existing brand and become not only recognizable but to associate it with its growing reputation, we had to push it into a modern context while still being true to the mission. We had to drive the excitement of the crowd and keep it sustained throughout the entire event. We did this through a compilation of a pregame video and in-game assets.


All legitimate sports programs play on the emotions of the crowd to keep the energy going. We designed in-game assets to match the intensity of the moment and the excitement of the crowd while still staying true to the brand with the originally defined fonts. Touchdown and field goal clips were high-contrast and fast-paced to reflect the excitement of the play. Sacks, interceptions, and fumbles were high impact to create a jolt of emotion to keep the game moving. Timeout clips were more subdued and leisurely to emulate the downtime.

To add more personalization to the fan experience, we included individual player clips for each team member on the roster. This detail makes the experience not just another high school football game but a customized game pursuing the interest of the home crowd.


Good footage…no, great footage means getting into the action – running the bleachers, dodging the players, racing the running back. Our limitless production ability to be wherever we needed to be allowed us to capture the intensity of each moment. These live-action shots provided tangible insight into the program’s culture and mission to cultivate society’s future leaders. The intensity of each shot in the video with the music building the anticipation created a tense atmosphere to build the hype of the home team crowd and intimidate the challenger in the coming athletic battle.

Pregame Hype Video

The Result

We elevated the fan experience while simultaneously adhering to the already existing brand. From the intentionality of the in-game assets to the pathos-driven video production, we met the client’s needs to showcase the culture of the program while getting the crowd ready for a true Friday night lights experience.