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Crews Bank & Trust

The Challenge

Can a bank family with 21 locations and four distinct names unite under one brand without confusing customers or losing trust? We faced this challenge head-on, rebranding the regional, family-owned banks as Crews Bank & Trust while maintaining customer loyalty and meeting strict compliance requirements. With a tight deadline and unbending parameters, this transition had to be seamless for our client. Customers who logged into their account under the old bank name one night woke up to a new brand the following morning. The margin for error was slim.

Unifying this brand across numerous locations required a comprehensive strategy that had to be executed tactically–both online and on the ground. Ensuring customers understood the rebrand without fearing changes to service quality or bank ownership was paramount. Our clear communication reassured new and existing customers that Crews Bank & Trust, with its 90-year legacy, remained their reliable hometown bank.





Photo & Video


We crafted a proactive communication strategy to keep customers informed and confident in their local bank during the extensive brand unification across 21 branches in Central and Southwest Florida. By planning over a year in advance to meet the fixed deadline, we developed clear and consistent messaging that included website updates, FAQ videos, print collateral, and in-branch signage. This guaranteed that our client maintained trust with their customers and reassured them they were making this transition together.


Central to the brand unification was developing a new website, which served as the cornerstone for conveying Crews Bank & Trust’s family story and enduring values. This site showcased the brand’s rich legacy and time-tested principles while offering updated custom features like branch maps, financial calculators, and team bios. Simultaneously, we transitioned from four old websites to the unified platform, ensuring that customers found their way to their trusted banking home.

Leveraging Hubspot’s CRM platform allowed us to create a streamlined system for generating blog content and setting up automated drip campaigns. These efforts meant customers remained informed and received assurance that despite changes to their bank’s appearance, Crews’ unwavering commitment to personalized service, local community, and a legacy built on trust remained unchanged.

Photo & Video

Banking customers want to know their money is in capable hands. By prioritizing video production, we made sure customers heard directly from Crews Bank & Trust leadership about the brand unification. These videos addressed common questions, explained the reasons behind the change, and highlighted the family bank’s historic commitment to the region.

Through photography that showcased the bank remodels, we upheld consistency between online branding and in-branch design, positioning Crews Bank & Trust for future growth and modernizing the banking experience without compromising their traditional values.

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The Result

Executing the brand unification of four distinct bank names within strict compliance deadlines, we delivered a seamless transition for our client that secured the loyalty of their customers for years to come. Despite the new look and new name, customer retention was near perfect. Through meticulous branding messaging and consistent communication, both online and on location, we maintained customer confidence throughout the lengthy transition. Our year-long efforts culminated in the successful transformation of 21 individual branches into Crews Bank & Trust–all while preserving their unique clientele and local history.