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Wilberforce Weekend 2021


The Colson Center

The Challenge

Is it possible to produce a live-event experience so that it redefines the quality standards of an entire brand? The Colson Center’s flagship annual event, Wilberforce Weekend 2021, was held in Dallas, Texas at the Omni Ft. Worth. We were tasked with producing a stunningly beautiful and technically flawless visual experience, ushering in a new era for Colson’s live event presentation standards.

Large-scale event production is a master class in left-brain right-brain interaction. Success rises and falls on the ability to respond fast, anticipate variables, plan for contingencies, and make it happen. But the beauty is in the details. Create a compelling art direction which intrigues a preexisting audience to interact with the Colson brand in unexpected ways- and surprise them at every turn.








The conference theme, “The Image Restored” drove us to find visual inspiration from resurrection theology. We harnessed movement and color to tell a story in by using the contrast of colors; dark to light mirroring death to life. The audience experienced the disruption of the conventional conference experience in the colors and textures of visuals elements, applied consistently across all mediums.


Conference design means you’re making lots of stuff. A website (or two). Programs. Nametags. Signage. Folders. Invitations. Lanyards. Coffee Cups. Yes, Coffee Cups. On Screen presentations. Atmospheric Loops. Custom go-bo systems. 14 ft. stage elements. Custom PVC routed logos.

We could go on…

But before we pull up that clean illustrator file, we’re thinking about the minute the conference ends. What do we want people talking about on the flight home? From a production standpoint, we wanted conference attendees to leave with an entirely different perception of our client, the Colson Center. Elevating their brand meant consistency in every visual detail. Thoughtful design starts with the end in mind.


The seats at the venue are begging to be filled (by hotel management and client alike). It’s time to make it happen. Capture people’s attention and keep it with a strategic marketing approach designed to generate sales. Social media campaigns with video-driven ads, geofencing targeted markets, ad words, and custom email templates all created with one goal in mind- sell the place out.


Producing a stunning AV experience is quite simple, actually- just hire absolute professionals. From initial planning meetings to the final teardown, our team served as the Colson’s central point of contact for all AV services. We liaisoned with the venue equipment contractor, consulting on equipment requirements, placement, and contract negotiations. Colson had one opportunity to leave a mind-blowing impression, no mulligans included with price of admission. Guide the user experience forward with seamless continuity between video, motion graphics, keynote, and atmospheric visuals. The production crew included a show producer, assistant producer, three, three videographers, a photographer, and stage manager. Meticulously plan for every detail but be responsive for on-site changes.


Colson knew they wanted to bring the Wilberforce Weekend experience to the living room with the same color and clarity as the live experience with professionally mastered audio and visual content.

Web Design/Development

Extend the impact of the live event and generate additional revenue by executing an on-demand conference experience for everyone. Build the delivery structure, master the content, market the product, sell the experience, repeat.

The Result

Wilberforce Weekend 2021 came to a close with a sold out audience and -most importantly- an amped up client. Colson experienced the unprecedented AV production quality and knew their brand would never be the same. Elevating the Colson brand not only influences an audience base, it influences donors. Alter the perception of a brand in the very best ways and enjoy the results.